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Error: Requested Category is not found

Critical Error: Requested Category is not found

The system can not locate the category.

This error occurs if the data store did not return the requested category.

This can happen in the following situations:

1. The specified category does not exist in the database or is not enabled.
You will need to login to the commerce manager and add a new category or locate the existing category and set it to enabled/visible.

2: The category exists but customer does not have enough rights to access it.
Make sure the logged in customer or everyone(not logged in customer has everyone role in the system) has enough rights to access the specified category. To do that, open the commerce manager and locate the category in the site manager. Check the checkbox next to it and click "access" button. The popup dialog will appear. Add "Everyone" role or specific customer with a "read" permission and click save. Navigate back to the site. Please allow up to 5 minutes (depending on cache settings) for site to work.
Error Message:
Category "119" can not be found

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